Which are Better Earbuds? boAt Airdopes Vs pTron Bassbuds – Comparison And Reviews

Boat Airdopes 441 and pTron bass buds are both good quality in-ear headphones that will give you amazing features like HD sound quality, super touch control, inbuilt microphone, water-resistant, and much more. Let’s see boAt Airdopes vs pTron Bassbuds both specifications and features one by one.

boat airdopes vs ptron bassbuds


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Comparison Table: Boat Airdopes 441 TWS In-ear headphones Vs pTron Bassbuds In-ear headphones


TYPEIn-Ear HeadphoneIn-Ear Headphone
BATTERY BACKUP25 Hours ( 500 mAH battery in case)20 Hours (400 mAH battery in case)
STANDBY TIME110+ Hours100 Hours
CHARGING TIME1.5 hours (90 minutes)1.5 hours (90 minutes)
DIMENSION6.99 x 3.80 x 3.00 cm7.1 x 3.8 x 3.1 cm
WEIGHT49 Grams28 Grams (lightweight)
CHARGING TYPEType-CMicro USB (simple)
IWP TechnologyYes (present)No (absent)
IPX TechnologyIPX7 (water, sweat, and shock resistant)IPX5/6 (water and splash resistant)
Special FeaturesSuper Touch Control, Bluetooth connectivity to all smart devices,  sports fit with Type-C charging port.Quick Connect and compatible with all the devices, wireless bass buds with a microphone.


Boat Airdopes 441 TWS Wireless In-ear Headphones Review

Comparison boAt Airdopes vs pTron Bassbuds – The boat is an Indian brand, which makes the best products like earphones, headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth music speakers, etc. This company is the leading business developing company in the electronics and technology sector.

 Boat Airdopes is one of the best Airdopes manufactured by the Boat brand. This device contains the latest new technology developed in this new era of 2020. Let’s look at some of its amazing features that will make you buy this amazing product.

boat airdopes vs ptron bassbudsCheck Best Price

Specification And Features:

  • BOAT Airdopes 441,  the best part of this airdrop is its secure-fit ear hooks with a sporty eco-ergonomic smart look.
  • These boats Airdope 441 packed in the cool-looking carrying charging case, that feels like an optimistic cool case with the new features.
  • The dimensions of these products are 6.99*3.8*3 cm which seems nice that easily fits in every ear size.
  • The weight of this Airdopes is 50 grams only that’s feel like birds with the light wings.
  • These Airdopes are easily be connected with devices that are compatible with Bluetooth v5.0 technology.
  • The new technology introduced in these Airdopes is the IPX7 technology that makes this sporty cool airdopes waterproof, sweatproof, and shockproof.
  • The super cool case contains a 500 mAH battery which gives you 25 hours of playback battery backup with TYPE-C port built on the charging case and you can easily use it for 5 hours, in just one go.
  • These Boat Airdopes 441 came up with INSTA WAKE N PAIR (IWP) technology which helps to connect it with any device so fastly and easily in 3 steps:

STEP 1.    Open the carrying + charging case in which these small cool looking airdopes are on charge.

STEP 2.    By using this IWP technology the buds come in power on mode and ready to be connected to your smart devices easily.

STEP 3.    Then took out the earbuds and let them connect automatically and fastly to the device which is in the range with your Airdopes 441 which you want to get connected and enjoy your favorite songs.

  • You can also turn on the voice assistant feature that will give access to use the ok google and Siri in your smart and ios devices and enjoy by assisting your voice to the smart world that is full of technology
  • The packed box has amazing hardware products like, Airdopes 441 in-ear headphones, pair of Additional ear nubs, a User Manual, Type-C Charging cable, a cool-looking hot Charging Case and1-Warranty card that makes your device safe.


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pTron BassBuds Wireless In-ear Headphones Review

Comparison boAt Airdopes vs pTron Bassbuds – pTron bass buds are the best bass buds that come in the budget of your wallet. These are mainly In-ear Headphones. At likewise they are cool and comes with universal black color.

Now, we are going to look at some of the best technology and features used in making this best product.

boat airdopes vs ptron bassbudsCheck Best Price

Specifications And Features:

  • pTron BassBuds Wireless In-ear Headphones gives you crystal clear sound quality with high bass.
  • This pTron Bassbuds comes with Truly wireless earbuds technology which is mainly known as TWS.
  • It comprises the Bluetooth v5.0 technology which makes these Bassbuds compatible with all the devices like smartphones, ios devices, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • This bass bud is popularly known for its crystal clear HD+ sound quality that makes you feel good.
  • Its dimensions are given as 7.1 x 3.8 x 3.1 cm which gives you a nice comfortable fit for every ear size persons.
  • The weight of this super cool Bassbuds is 28 grams only.
  • This product is made up of good quality plastic with material ABS+PC.
  • The portable charging case contains a 400 mAH battery that will give you 20 hours of extendable time with 100 hours under the standby mode.
  • The pTron Bassbuds will give you 6 hours of playtime, 5 hours of Talktime in just 1.5 hours of charging time.
  • This is multifunctional bass buds that can be operated without the use of your hands by voice assistant too which can easily be accessed with you Ok Google and Siri which can be connected with the Bluetooth compatible devices.
  • The packed hardware contains 1-pTron smart charging case, a pair of Bassbuds, a User Manual, Micro USB Charging Cable, 2 extra earbuds/ear nubs with 1-Warranty card.


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Ques 1: Is BoAt Airdopes 441 worth buying for exercise or gym?

Ans: Yes, This Airdopes 441 is totally worth taking it to the Gym use because of IPX7 technology which makes it water, sweat, splash, and shock-resistant, and its extra secure fit will give you a comfortable experience.


Ques 2: Which is better,  boAt Airdopes vs pTron Bassbuds?

Ans: Both are In-ear headphones type and this is very very difficult to find which is best as both have amazing new technologies. In my personal opinion, I like Boat Airdopes 441 better than that.


Ques 3: Where can we get these In-ear Headphones with the best deals?

Ans: Amazon, Best online website for marketing, and selling purposes.


Conclusion Of boAt Airdopes Vs pTron Bassbuds

As both boAt Airdopes vs pTron Bassbuds comprised of best features and technology. You can get futuristic designs and enjoy music. You can get this with the best offers from the link given above in the Blog.


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